Honeywell TrueSTEAM Humidifiers
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Honeywell TrueSTEAM Humidifiers

The Honeywell TrueSTEAM™ Humidifiers provide the high performance and efficiency of steam humidification with easier maintenance than traditional humidifiers. The patented Condensate Collect Dome and beveled nozzle keep water in the tank, delivering only true steam into the duct’s airflow. The TrueSTEAM humidifier provides high-capacity true humidity, while using up to 70% less water than flow-through humidifiers. It automatically fills with water and drains when needed. Maintenance is also made simple —just remove the water tank for cleaning. The TrueSTEAM humidifier’s internal system diagnostics monitor system operation and maintenance schedules as well as system faults. The LED light panel lets you know that the humidifier is operating correctly, when maintenance is needed, and when it is safe to remove the tank for cleaning. The push buttons allow the tank to be drained for cleaning, and quickly returned to operation when the tank is reattached to the humidifier. This unit can be remote mounted with optional remote mount kit. Includes HumidiPRO™ thermostat for automatic humidification control (HM506A, HM509A, HM512A).

Features and Benefits
  • Quick-connect plumbing allows plumbing connection in one simple step
  • Incoloy 600 heating element designed to limit mineral build-up
  • Provides humidity independent of equipment operation, allowing homeowners to reach their desired humidity setpoints regardless of air temperature
  • No tools required to access and clean the tank
  • Can be remotely mounted up to 20 from the system (requires optional remote mount kit)
  • Requires only a 1-3/4” cut into ductwork and mounts on a separate, lightweight bracket (included) for accurate leveling
  • Fail-Safe Water Sensing uses multiple sensors in a separate compartment to accurately monitor water levels
  • LED lights indicate when the system is running or needs service. Lights also provide feedback to the installer during installation.
  • Patented Condensate Collect Dome and Nozzle prevents water from condensing out of the unit, delivering only true steam into the airflow
  • Moving control to the Prestige® HD via the wireless adapter eliminates the need to wire the TrueSTEAM into the HVAC equipment
  • 5-year warranty
Product Specifications
HM506 – 11.50” x 19.00” x 9.00” (WHD)
HM509 – 11.25” x 19.00” x 9.00” (WHD)
HM512 – 11.25” x 19.00” x 9.00” (WHD)
Input Voltage
Operating Temperature
34° to 104° F
HM506 – 6 gallons/day
HM509 – 9 gallons/day
HM512 – 12 gallons/day
HM506 – 2000 ft2
HM509 – 2500 ft2
HM512 – 3000 ft2
Duct Opening


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