Web Comfort™ Wireless Outlet Controller
Web Comfort™ Wireless Outlet Controller

The Web Comfort Smartlet integrates automatic receptacle control with dimming and switching systems. The Outlet Controller switches 120VAC receptacles ON or OFF based upon occupancy, schedules, and demand response events. The Web Comfort Smartlet is attached to 15A/120VAC duplex receptacles, which power the device.

The Web Comfort SmartLet Outlet Controller is wirelessly configured, scheduled and controlled by a Web Comfort Energy Manager. Dynamic scheduling allows the user to define ON and OFF events for receptacles, as well as periods governed by occupancy rules. Timeouts to switch off loads in unoccupied spaces are easily set per schedule or event, and can vary throughout the day.

Connectivity between the SmartLet, Web Comfort Energy Manager and other devices is via the secure, reliable Web Comfort wireless mesh network.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy‐to‐install automatic receptacle control for 15A/120VAC outlets suitable for new construction and upgrade projects
  • Integrated, mechanically switched relay controls one or both receptacles by any combination of schedule, occupancy/ vacancy, demand response, and activity of plug loads
  • Occupancy sensors and scheduling are shared with ARC and AFC series lighting controllers
  • Local over‐ride to manually switch receptacles ON or OFF with LED status indicators
  • On‐board energy monitoring to measure and track power consumption of plug loads in real time
  • Fail safe operation maintains local control of receptacles at all times
  • Web Comfort secure wireless 2.4GHz ZigBee communications with other network devices
  • FCC and IC certified; UL Pending
  • Made in the USA
Product Specifications
4.20" x 6.05" x 1.31" (WHD)
Input Voltage
120VAC typ.
Load Capacity
15A @ 120VAC
Maximum Switching Power


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