Team - Ashley Honeycutt

Ashley Honeycutt

Account Executive

Hometown: I was born in South Side Chicago, where I spent half my childhood, before moving to Noblesville, IN. Since high school, I have bounced back and forth between Chicago and Indianapolis. I consider both cities my home.
Education: I graduated from Noblesville High School. 
Industry Experience: I have five years of experience helping HVAC contractors in different forms through Angie's List and now with Jackson Systems. I started out with the FilterFetch program and moved over to sales.
Family: I have a large, goofy and colorful family. I was adopted by my parents and I have three brothers and three sisters. If you bring my whole family and their spouses into a room, we become the life of the party. You need pretty tough skin to be around my family because they always speak the truth, but say it out of love. We call ourselves the Wolf Pack - Loyal to the Core!
Hobbies: I love reading, traveling, anything outdoors and related to water. I create Halloween costumes every year. I love making costumes out of everyday items and turning them into something amazing. I'm all for D.I.Y but with a horror twist. Everyone that knows me understands that I love Halloween and anything horror. Halloween would be celebrated year round if I could have it my way!
What do you like best about working for Jackson Systems?
I can't say there is one thing I like best because this company is on another level! My co-workers are the bomb and the contractors I talk to are very nice. I would have to give them an A if I had to grade the company. You really feel like you're part of the family with this family owned business! Your efforts don't go unnoticed, which makes you want to work harder for the company. Plus, who else does Donut Wednesday? I will be retiring from Jackson Systems. How many people can say that at 28?