Belimo Zip Economizer Sensor
Belimo Zip Economizer Sensor
Item # Econ-Zip-10K

The ZIP Economizer saves energy in buildings by using cool outside air as a means of cooling the indoor space. The ZIP can reduce HVAC energy costs in cold and temperate climates while also improving indoor air quality. As energy codes change towards continual efficiency, the ZIP Economizer satisfies all the requirements. ZIP Economizer, with its 'plug and play' modular design, and patented ZIP Code setup allows an easy way to ensure maximum energy savings and compliance with local energy codes.

Features and Benefits
  • Reliable temperature air readings
  • Can be used for outdoor air (OAT), return air (RAT) or supply air (SAT)
  • No configuration required
  • RAT can be added for differential temperature change over strategy
  • T-Bracket mounting is universal
  • Can be inserted through the ductwork, fan housing or surface mounted
  • 5-year warranty
Product Specifications
Temperature Output Signal NTC 10k Ohm, Type II
Connectors 1/4" femail spade insulated connectors, 3' cable
Accuracy +/- 0.36° F 
Stability Drift Less than 0.036° F/yr 
Material Etched teflon, plenum-rated & FEP jacketed cable; galvanized t-bracket
Operating Temperature  -67° F to 176° F


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Belimo ZIP Economizer
Belimo ZIP Economizer

ZIP Economizer puts you back on track for energy savings.
Until now, economizing solutions have left a lot of room for error. The ZIP gets efficiency strategies back on track with easy setup, automatic code change over temperatures, and superior troubleshooting capability. Users know instantly when failures occur and the ZIP helps them quickly pinpoint the problem and address it.


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