General Filter Auto Digital Humidistat
General Filter Auto Digital Humidistat
Item # 7050

This digital humidistat from General Filter can be wall-mounted or duct-mounted. The easy-to-read display and accurate humidity control make this an easy replacement humidistat. The 7050 can be controlloed manually or, when installed with an outdoor sensor, it will control humidity automatically.

Features and Benefits
  • Automatically adjusts humidity level by reading outdoor temperatures when outdoor sensor installed
  • Manual control without outdoor sensor
  • Easy-to-read and understand LCD display
  • Calibrate the GFX3 in the field to match existing appliances in the home
  • Mounts the on the wall or directly in the duct
  • Humidity range from 10% to 75%
  • No special wiring is required
Product Specifications
3.50" x 3.50" x 1.00" (WHD)
Input Voltage
Control Range
Auto Mode 10% to 60% RH
Manual Mode 10% to 75% RH


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