Honeywell HumidiPRO™ Digital Humidity Control (Includes Outdoor Sensor)
Honeywell HumidiPRO™ Digital Humidity Control (Includes Outdoor Sensor)
Item # H6062A1000

This easy-to-use, digital control provides humidification or dehumidification control. HumidiPRO will automatically adjust settings for changes in outdoor temperature to ensure no condensation will appear on windows. 

Features and Benefits
  • Automatic humidification with included outdoor sensor
  • Manual humidificatio and dehumidification control
  • Dehumifider compressor protection
  • Simple, intuitive programming
  • RH% and outdoor temperature calibration
  • Adjustable high and low range stops (10% - 90%)
  • Automatically detects presence of outdoor sensor to set control to Automatic or Manual Mode
Product Specifications
4.50” x 3.81” x 1.31” (WHD)
Display Size
1.32 in2
Input Voltage
Operating Temperature
-20° to 120 ° F 
Operating Humidity Range
Manual: 10% to 90%
Auto Mode: 10% to 60% (35% Default)
Storage Temperature
20° to 120 ° F 
Temperature Sensors
Not applicable
Short Cycle Protection
0 - 5 minutes; adjustable in 1 minutes increments
Mounting Return Duct (recommended) or Wall Mount


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