Honeywell TrueFRESH Energy Recovery Ventilator
Honeywell TrueFRESH Energy Recovery Ventilator
Item # VNT5200E1000

A ventilation system ensures the exchange of stale air for fresh air, and the Honeywell ventilation system makes that air exchange efficiently.  Air introduced into the home through a quality ventilation system helps maintain positive pressure in the home to keep air fresher and cleaner. Ventilation also helps reduce carbon monoxide (CO) levels as well as lingering odors from smoke, food preparation, cleaning products and more.

HRV's are usually recommended for colder climates with longer heating seasons. ERV's are used for warmer, more humid climates with long cooling seasons. 

Features and Benefits
  • Up to 4,200 ft2; 200 CFM
  • Provides humidity control of the ventilated air
  • Variable speed
  • 2 operating modes – intermittent and continuous
  • Variable speed
  • Compact installation
  • Sloped drain pan
  • Backward inclined motor blades
  • Permanent lubrication of PSC motor
  • Easy access to the control connection box
  • Detachable 6” collar system
  • Simple electronic control
  • No obstruction around the drain pan
  • Proportional defrost
  • Speed control balancing system
  • Simplified mounting system
  • Lifetime limited warranty on core
    • 10-year limited on ventilation motors
    • 5-year limited on other parts
Product Specifications
16.60” x 22.51” x 29.45” (WHD)
Input Voltage
120V, 60Hz, 1.5 amps
200 CFM
Maximum Static Pressure
1.0" WC
Maximum Ft2
Duct Connection Diameter
Maximum Temperature Recovery
Transfers Moisture
Transfers Heat


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