LeakSmart Hub 3.0
LeakSmart Hub 3.0
Item # LS8850830

The Hub communicates between the sensors, the valve and you.  The LeakSmart System can also be used with other compatible smart home platforms.

Features and Benefits
  • The Hub connects to the home's internet so homeowners can receive notifications through their smart phone if a leak for freezing temperature is detected
  • Built-in Wifi makes it so the Hub 3.0 doesn't require an Ethernet wire connection to the home's Internet
  • Depending on system set-up, the Hub will either shut off the LeakSmart valve or notify the homeowner when a leak is detected
  • New Zigbee 3.0 protocol increases range and strengthens communication between the leak sensors and the valve
  • Works with the new Snap valve as well as the original cut-in valves


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