Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat

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Item #: TH8732WFH5002

The second generation of the Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat delivers easy installation and setup at the thermostat or through the Lyric app. Plus, ecosystem integration with Apple® HomeKit and Samsung® SmartThings gives your customers an even greater connected home experience.

Features and Benefits
  • Up to 2H/2C conventional and up to 3H/2C heat pump systems
  • The Smart Cues™ feature delivers messages to a homeowner's device with alerts to change filters or with extreme temperature notifications
  • The Fine Tune™ feature considers both humidty and temperature so desired temperature always feels the same
  • Geofencing uses a homeowner's smartphone location to automatically save energy with they are away
  • Compatible with most other heating, cooling and heat pump systems
  • Optional 24 VAC power ("C" wire)
  • Works with Apple HomeKit
  • 5-year warranty
Product Specifications
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