Robertshaw Universal Fireplace Remote Control Kit

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Item #: 55644

The compact receiver installs in minutes next to a fireplace millivolt and some 24 volt gas valves. The 55644 model kit includes a receiver and a remote. This model provides thermostatic control, automatically turning the fireplace on and off according to setpoint.

For safety, this remote has a lockout feature to prevent children's curious hands from activating the fireplace by themselves.

Features and Benefits
  • Automatic and manual On/Off
  • Displays room temperature
  • Includes childproof feature
  • Works with any millivolt fireplace gas valve
  • Low battery indicator
  • Backlit display
  • Temperature control range 45° to 90°
  • Set temperature and clock/timer
  • 2-year warranty
Product Specifications
Input Voltage
Transmitter – 4 AA alkaline batteries
Receiver – 9 volt alkaline battery
Operating Frequency
350 MHz


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