Web Comfort™ Wireless Lighting Controller

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Item #: WEB-AFC-A

The Web Comfort WEB-AFC-A Dimming Fixture Controller is a wirelessly managed 120/277/347VAC plenum rated lighting controller with integrated daylight harvesting support.

In addition to schedules and demand response events enacted by Web Comfort software, the WEB-AFC-A can be deployed with local control, daylight harvesting control, or both.  A standard power pack such as the Web Comfort UVPP powers the Fixture Controller and provides a low end cutoff relay for connected loads. 

Using Web Comfort, occupancy detected by sensors connected to networked Room Controllers (like the WEB-ARC-R) can be used to determine light level, daylight harvesting setpoints, or maximum light level.  Web Comfort’s dimming records actual light levels as they are set, providing flawless, repeatable performance even if the light source degrades.

As a network device, the WEB-AFC-A is controlled by a Web Comfort Energy Manager running the lighting control software.  The lighting control software manages lighting circuits based upon time schedules, local control, occupancy, light levels, demand response curtailments, computer activity and door openings or closures.

Features and Benefits
  • Multi-voltage compatible, 120 to 347VAC
  • Control of up to ten 0-10VDC dimmable fluorescent or LED lighting fixtures (Advance Mark 7 ballast or equivalent) 
  • Suitable for individual fixture control or zone based control schemes
  • Sensor input for selected 0-10VDC photocells to support daylight harvesting with an unlimited number of targets or setpoints
  • Local control input for selected 0-10VDC dimmer controls
  • Dimming for lumen maintenance provides constant output over the life of selected LED fixtures 
  • Assignable guardband and delay for daylight harvesting applications to prevent unwanted changes in light level
  • Connected sensors and controls function locally if Network Communications are lost
  • Supports EnOcean wireless switches, contacts, sensors and key card holders
  • UL Listed & plenum-rated
  • Made in the USA
Product Specifications
1.07" x 3.35" x 0.70" (WHD)
Input Voltage
12 to 30VDC
Input Current
20 to 100mA
Output Voltage
Output Current
0-10VDC Analog Input (Channel 1 and 2)
0 to 10V
1-10VDC Analog Output
0 to 10V
I/O Ports
Channel 1: 0-10VDC daylight sensor/photocell
Channel 2: 1-10VDC local dimmer control
Operating Temperature
32º to 158º F
Operating Humidity
5% to 90%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature
-13º to 176º F
Communications Range
Approximately 1000' LOS


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