Team - Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson

Selling Manager - CAT Team

Hometown: I was born in Indianapolis and raised in Fishers.
Education: I graduated Hamilton Southeastern High School and studied at IU.
Industry Experience: I had no idea about zoning as it relates to the HVAC industry. I did spend some time working in home security sales where zoning is used in a very similar way, where I learned about Honeywell. I gained experience and knowledge about their products and how we can use technology to make our homes more automated and comfortable. That experience was a good introduction into the shift in market towards interconnected devices in the home like thermostats, lights, security systems, garage doors, etc.
Family: I feel very lucky to have a big family (by blood and in-law) that has always been supportive and there for me. My Dad owns and runs his own company in Fishers with my Stepmom. I am fortunate enough to have an awesome stepbrother and sister for the last 13 years through their marriage. My stepsister recently had a baby girl making me an uncle for the first time. My stepbrother is currently gaining dual citizenship and serving in the Israeli military. My mom lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and works in sales. I love to visit her whenever I can. My brother from my mom’s second marriage lives in Asheville, North Carolina, and works in an emergency room. He is studying to further his medical licenses. My mom’s second marriage took place when I was 2 and my stepdad has stayed in my life. He’s been a great influence in my life, even though their marriage ended. I still see and spend time with him on a regular basis. 
Hobbies: Currently, I participate in amateur, club level motorcycle road racing. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I strive to get to the race track just about every weekend during the season. Riding is a blast and the community is one of the most helpful and welcoming I’ve ever been a part of. It can be a difficult test of character and physical strength, but the sport is constantly teaching me lessons about myself and the world we live in that I apply to my everyday life. 
What do you like best about working for Jackson Systems?
My favorite thing about working for Jackson Systems so far is the people and the atmosphere. I’ve never felt more immediately welcomed and I have felt like a part of the team from day one. I also love learning about how things work on a technical level, so the nature of the industry is fascinating to me and I’m very interested and excited to keep learning as I go. I believe in the mission and direction of the company and am elated to come on board at such an exciting time. I can’t wait to grow with the company.