Filter Fetch

FilterFetch - putting contractors in the filter business.

FilterFetch: The Only Contractor to Homeowner Filter Fulfillment Program

FilterFetch is a free online program that keeps contractors in the filter business without actually having to deal with stocking any filters. Once a contractor is signed up for, they are given a unique code. Each filter in the FilterFetch program also has a unique code assigned to it. The contractor or technician is responsible for providing that contractor code PLUS the filter code to their customer so the customer can then go to, type in their order code and place an order. Contractors will continue to make commission off of each order going forward, without having to do any extra work.

How it Works

  1. You log onto the FilterFetch website
  2. During service calls, discuss air filter needs with homeowners
  3. Give homeowner the unique code for the filter they need
  4. Homeowner logs onto and purchases their filter
  5. We collect the payment and ship the filter
  6. We send you a monthly commission check

Why FilterFetch?

  • It allows you to sell every major brand and size of filter without stocking them
  • Easy way to fulfill filters for customers with service contracts
  • We offer a free app that sells for you so your technicians don’t have to stay top of mind with homeowners who do not have service contracts by making money selling the only consumable product that they use for their HVAC equipment.
  • Provides you with a lifelong source of residual income

Filter Brands We Offer

Stop Stocking.

Introduce your customers to Jackson Systems’ FilterFetch Program and never worry about stocking bulky air filters again! Let us stock and fulfill the air filter needs for all of your customers while you collect a monthly commission check from us! Get limitless, effort-free monthly income today by signing up now!

Start Selling.