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What is ProPERKS?

Resideo ProPERKS is an exclusive rewards program for contractors crafted to deliver unparalleled advantages to professionals utilizing Resideo/Honeywell products. Built to support contractors, installers, and technicians, this initiative grants members access to a diverse range of benefits, including discounts, rewards, training resources, and technical support.

Participation in the Resideo ProPERKS program at Jackson Systems & Supply opens up a world of advantages, enabling members to enjoy product discounts, rebates, promotional offers, and priority access to cutting-edge products and technologies. Additionally, this program offers specialized training opportunities to bolster professional expertise and knowledge on Resideo/Honeywell products.

Discover the extraordinary benefits awaiting you with Resideo ProPERKS at Jackson Systems!

More About Resideo ProPERKS:


pro perks performance

Earn up to 4% back for every dollar spent on qualifying Resideo products.


pro perks enablement

Access cutting-edge digital marketing tools and tips for your business.


pro perks rewards

Redeem points on Product Certificates, Co-Op marketing, and more.


pro perks knowledge

Take technical and sales courses with additional classroom trainings.


pro perks services

Receive newsletters with benefits, technical tips, trainings, and more.

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Redeeming your Resideo ProPERKS Points with Jackson Systems

Please follow the steps below to process your Pro PERKS ‘Product Certificate’ with Jackson Systems & Supply.

  1. Login to your Resideo Pro PERKS account and download certificate showing the amount of funds earned.
    • Click the ‘PERKS’ Tab at the top of the page
    • Click ‘Redeem Points’ link
    • Choose ‘Product Certificate’ (certificate example)
    • Enter Quantity # (Quantity 1 = $50) and click the ‘Order’ button
    • Upon checkout, your Product Certificate will be emailed to you and once printed, is available for use.
      • Common quantities and corresponding values: 5,000 points = $50 or (1 QTY)  |  10,000 points = $100 or (2 QTY)  |  50,000 points = $500 or (10 QTY)
  2. Contact your Jackson Sales Rep and place a Resideo / Honeywell Home order for at lease the amount shown on your Resideo certificate. Note: There is no cash value, and no return of unused points/dollars.
  3. Once your order with Jackson ships, Jackson Systems will issue a Credit Memo in the amount of the certificate to your account.
  4. You can track the progress of your Account Credit below by locating the Jackson Reference # tied to your Pro PERKS claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn points?

As a member, you’ll earn two points for every dollar spent on qualifying Resideo and Honeywell Home product purchases. For example, a $1000 qualifying purchase equals 2,000 Pro PERKS points. Members start earning points on invoices starting from the month they enroll in the Pro PERKS program.

Which products are eligible?

Over 6,000 Resideo and Honeywell Home products are eligible to receive points. Resideo is constantly adding the latest and greatest products to ensure that you’re rewarded for purchasing and supporting our entire portfolio of products and solutions. The following product categories are eligible:

Resideo Product Certificates

Product certificates can be redeemed for Resideo products at Jackson Systems & Supply or other qualifying Resideo distributors. Product certificates can be bought (with points) in increments of $50 and are eligible for use towards the product subtotal amount. Taxes, shipping, and handling fees are ineligible.

How do I submit my purchases?

Jackson Systems must submit your purchases on your behalf to Resideo. Resideo does not allow Contractors to self-report. Pro PERKS members will need to contact their distributors to confirm they are reporting this data to Resideo.

When can I Register?

Customers may register for the program at any point throughout the year. Once registered, you will be placed into the tier you qualify for based on four criteria using the previous year’s sales history as reported by Jackson Systems. Your tier status will remain in effect until the following year when your account is re-tiered (accounts are tiered on an annual basis). Unfortunately, if no historical sales data is available for us to use to tier your account, then your account will be tiered as “Member” for the rest of that year.

Do Points Expire?

Points expire on a rolling 12-month bases, determined from the date of deposit into your account.

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