Filter Services

Putting Contractors in the Filter Business

FilterFetch and Click ‘n Ship are online programs that earn contractors commission without them having to stock or ship filters

Do you want homeowners to order and replace their own filters?

  • Use FilterFetch
  • Your techs recommend the filter
  • Homeowner orders on the website or app using your unique filter part number
  • Homeowner signs up for subscription plan to have them delivered
  • We ship to your homeowner when it’s time to replace

Do you have maintenance contracts?

  • Use Click ‘n Ship
  • You order for your monthly or quarterly maintenance agreements
  • You pay for your homeowners’ filters
  • Ship filters to your office
  • Take the filters with you on service calls

Filter Brands We Offer

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Get Started

Contact us for more information about our filter services and learn how you can get started selling filters- without stocking any inventory.