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Night Set Back Thermostat for Z-2000 System

BRAND: Jackson Systems SKU: Z-2000-NS

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Night Set Back Thermostat for Z-2000 System


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The Z-2000-NS programmable touchscreen thermostat can be used for occupied and unoccupied scheduling of the Z-2000 (Version 2001) panel. When wired and configured properly, the thermostat takes the place of a separate 7-day clock, night stat and override timer. The Z-2000-NS Programmable Fan option is used to trigger the ‘G’ fan relay to open or close the Clock Contact ‘T’ terminals on the Z-2000 (Version 2001) panel that places the system in the occupied or unoccupied mode of operation. The thermostat can also be used with a T-S1 Remote Indoor Wired Sensor. 24 volt power to the thermostat is supplied by the Z-2000 (Version 2001) panel through dedicated Clock Power terminals ‘R’ and ‘C’. The thermostat also has battery backup to maintain the real-time clock in the event of a power failure. The thermostat can be configured to provide 7-day scheduling with 2 or 4 events per day. For commercial schedules, 2 events per day is typical.

How It Works:

The Z-2000-NS™ does not control the HVAC equipment and only uses the 'G' fan output to put the Z-2000™ panel in either the occupied and unoccupied mode. This is accomplished by programming the thermostat so that the fan is ON during occupied mode. When the thermostat goes to the unoccupied mode, the fan circuit automatically changes to AUTO and will only energize the 'G' output when there is a call for heating or cooling.


Wiring the Z-2000-NS™ to the Z-2000™ panel only requires 18-3 thermostat wire. Wire the thermostat 'C' terminal to the clock power 'C' terminal on the Z-2000™ panel. Wire the 'R' terminal to the clock power 'R' terminal on the Z-2000™ panel. Install a jumper wire from the clock power 'R' terminal to one of the clock contacts 'T' terminals. Wire the thermostat 'G' terminal to the other clock contacts 'T' terminal. If an optional C7189U remote sensor is used, use separate 18-2 wire and wire the sensor to the 'S1' and 'S2' terminals on the thermostat. (Polarity does not matter) Maximum wire distance between the thermostat and sensor is 200 feet.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with the Z-2000 modulating zone panel
  • Occupied and unoccupied modes
  • Auxiliary heat control option for each zone
  • No programming required
  • Hardwired
  • 5-year warranty


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