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Honeywell YTHM1004R3001 T10+ with EIM, RATs/DATS, Wireless Indoor Sensor, Wireless Outdoor Sensor

BRAND: Honeywell SKU: YTHM1004R3001


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T10+ Kit W/ EIM, Indoor/Outdoor Sensor, Return And Supply


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The T10+ Pro Smart Thermostat Kit allows homeowners to prioritize the rooms that matter most, giving them complete and customizable control of their heating and cooling. Easily integrate humidification, dehumidification, ventilation — without running new wires. Accessories install in minutes with the touch of a button, helping you drive add-on sales and increase profitability. It’s a smart, simple way to help your customers feel right at home and ensure comfort where it counts.

The Honeywell T10+ Smart Thermostat features an effortless, 7-Day programmable touchscreen thermostat. Compatible with 24 VAC systems including:

  • Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool heat pump systems (4 heat with T10+ & EIM)
  • Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool conventional (3 Heat/2 Cool with T10+ & EIM)
  • Dual Fuel systems
  • Radiant hot water systems including hot water fan coil
  • Humidification, dehumidification, or ventilation (All three with T10+ & EIM)
  • RedLINK 3.0 C7189R3002 or C7189R2002 Indoor Sensor Compatible (Up to 20 sensors per thermostat).
  • Increase your content and profit per job by including RedLINK 3.0 indoor temperature, humidity, and motion sensors that meet your customers’ comfort and convenience needs. they can be used in combination for temperature averaging or individually. These sensors also sense motion and you can select priority zones based on where motion is detected or by scheduling.
  • Flexible scheduling: You can choose to use location based temperature control (geofence technology), program a set schedule or use a combination of both to make sure your home is always comfortable.
  • Location-based temperature control: Using geofence technology, the T10 or T10+ Smart Thermostat will automatically use your smartphone’s location, which can save energy when you leave and make your home comfortable by the time you return.
  • Smart scheduling: Adds a Sleep period to location based temperature control.
  • Time-based scheduling: You can program a schedule where every day is different, a schedule where weekdays and weekends are different or a schedule where every day is the same. There are four adjustable periods per day: Wake, Away, Home and Sleep.
  • No schedule: You can also choose to disable schedule and adjust the thermostat manually.
  • Tip: The Resideo app can be used to manage multiple thermostats and multiple users in a household.
  • Smart Alerts: T10 or T10+ Smart Thermostat will send alerts for things like extreme indoor temperatures and reminders for things like filter changes.
  • Auto change from heat to cool: When Auto mode is selected, the T10 or T10+ Smart Thermostat can automatically determine whether your home needs heating or cooling to reach the desired temperature.
  • Adaptive Intelligent Recovery: T10 or T10+ Smart Thermostat learns your heating and cooling cycle times to make sure the system delivers the temperature you want, when you want it.
RedLINK 3.0 Room Sensor product features
  • Senses temperature, humidity and motion
  • Features a 200-ft. range from thermostat to sensor, which is greater than the advertised range of other sensors
  • Up to 20 sensors can be connected per thermostat
YTHM1004R3001 Specifications
  • Description: T10+ Thermostat, EIM, RATS/DATS, Wireless Indoor Sensor, Wireless Outdoor Sensor
  • Stages: 3H/2C Heat Pump + 2H/2C Conventional
  • Duel Fuel: Yes
  • IAQ Control: Humidifier, dehumidifier and ventilator control
  • Outdoor Temperature Lockouts: Internet, wired sensor, wireless sensor (included)
  • Dry Contact Alerts: Yes
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes

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