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ICM Controls ICM870 Soft Start Series, Built-In Start Capacitor

BRAND: ICM Controls SKU: ICM870

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Soft Start Series, Built-In Start Capacitor


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The ICM870 series soft starts ARE compatible with 2-stage HVAC units. If your 2-stage unit has two compressors, you will need two ICM870 units.

The ICM870 Soft Start is intended for residential, commercial, RV & marine applications. The ICM870 integrates compressor or motor in-rush current over startup time, thus reducing peak current demand on a power supply source by up to 70%.

Effectively reducing power draw to the A/C, the ICM870 utilizes a built-in self learning algorithm to deliver the optimal in-rush current per application. The ICM870 will monitor system health including voltage, current, compressor startup and integrity. Upon a fault condition, it will halt operation and initiate a 3 minute anti-short cycle routine while providing diagnostic fault information by means of an LED indicator.


The ICM870 Series Soft Starts are NOT recommended to be used with air conditioners or heat pumps which have control boards that sense compressor current and perform a lock out for fault conditions.

Any Air Conditioner or Heat Pump which has a Comfort Alert control board or an Emerson Core Sense Module installed are not directly compatible for use with the ICM870 Series Soft Start.

The Emmerson Core Sense modules can be bypassed when using the ICM870 Series Soft Starts. Unfortunately, the Comfort Alert cannot be bypassed and therefore ICM870 cannot be used.

  • Reduces in-rush current/draw necessary at startup by up to 70%
  • Prolong the life of the A/C by reducing excessive torque, wear and tear
  • Built-in dynamic start delay
  • Reduce loud noises, light flickering, and breaker trips
  • Built-in self-learning algorithm
  • Over-current protection
  • Over/under voltage monitoring
  • Built-in start capacitor
  • LED fault indicators
  • Ultrasonic sealed tamper-proof enclosure
  • Installation hardware is included

Refer to your service panel or user manual to determine your actual RLA rating.

  • ICM870-9A: For use with a Compressor Load Amp Rating (RLA) of up to Maximum of 9A
  • ICM870-16A: For use with a Compressor Load Amp Rating (RLA) of 9.1-16A Maximum
  • ICM870-32A: For use with a Compressor Load Amp Rating (RLA) of 16.1-32A Maximum

Please DO NOT assume it is acceptable to upsize the ICM870-9A or ICM870-16A to the largest size (ICM870-32A) when you are unsure of the RLA current or when the current is close to the limit of the ICM870-16A. This practice will defeat the benefit of the Inrush reduction on smaller systems under 16 Amps and defeat the over current safety limit by allowing for a 20A trip point for over current on the ICM870-32A compared to an 11.25A trip point on the ICM870-16A. PLEASE choose the ICM870 based on RLA or by using the size vs tonnage chart shown.

Additional information


L1 & L2

Nominal Voltage

90 VAC min, 264 VAC max

Over Voltage Limits

115 VAC nominal = 140 VAC 240 VAC nominal = 250 VAC

Under Voltage Limits

115 VAC nominal = 95 VAC 240 VAC nominal = 195 VAC



Current Maximum Nonimal

22 FLA, 84 LRA

Storage Temperature

-40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C)

Operating Temperature

-40°F to 131°F (-40°C to 55°C)


0-95%, non-condensing




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45 reviews for ICM Controls ICM870 Soft Start Series, Built-In Start Capacitor

  1. Steven H.

    Worked perfectly for my RV air conditioner. I can start it now using my 2000W portable inverter generator!

  2. Mark Mills

  3. Ernest Pyles

    Unit works great. Nice to be able to run my a/c on a smaller generator for boondocking.

  4. Louis Horvath

  5. Ben Nelson

    Added two of these on my RV. Can now run both on my Honda 3000EU. Easy Install includes everything you need. And way cheaper than other models offered at different sites.

  6. Paul

    Installed 2 icm870 on my residential compressors (3.5 and 3 ton). Included install kit was helpful and included self taping screws. Reduced starting amps by approx 65% on both (~55 to ~20). Can start and run units on a mid sized portable generator feeding my panel through a 30 amp interlock, very helpful in hurricane prone gulf. Also should extend compressor life. Great value compared to competitors which I have installed on other homes I’ve had. Very satisfied.

  7. Ben Nelson

    Excellent product at half the cost of others

  8. Larry Johnson

  9. peter johansson

    It does not work and we follow exactly as installation tell us to do??? I must send it back.

  10. Nancy N.

    Great Product. Very happy.

  11. Charles (verified owner)

    Awesome product, fast shipping, great communication! Thank you

  12. john

    Installed the 16 amp version on 3 ton Carrier R22 system with measured RLA of 12.5 amps. Tripped out the compressor after about 5 seconds.

  13. Martin H Modderman (verified owner)

  14. James m. (verified owner)

  15. Lance Weeks (verified owner)

    I dont know how it works yet. there’s still snow on the motorhome

  16. David Thomson (verified owner)

    This is great, can really tell the difference at start-up,much quieter and me led lights don’t flicker anymore

  17. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping with awesome updates !! Exactly what I needed!

  18. William Abernathy (verified owner)

    Thanks for the Sale, Quick response fast shipping and boxing of electronics being shipped was excellent.

  19. Oscar Reyna

    Excellent transaction fast shipping very satisfied with item , works great , easy installation too, highly recommend everyone to contact jackson

  20. Klay (verified owner)

    Easy ordering fast delivery. Thank you

  21. Rolando Leal (verified owner)

    Excellent product, highly recommend it.

  22. Enea Galias (verified owner)

  23. Klay Snyder (verified owner)

  24. Lawrence D Hagner

    Good experience. Retired HVACR technician

  25. Jose Nunez (verified owner)

  26. DANNY Coons

  27. Richard Espinoza (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping

  28. Wayne (verified owner)

  29. Arnold Asbury (verified owner)

  30. Tim (verified owner)

    Never installed one of these before and was easier than I thought it would be. Video on YouTube helped. Good tracking.

  31. David B. (verified owner)

  32. Allen S. (verified owner)

    Great price super fast shipping!!! I will definitely be ordering another one as I have two units and wanted to try one out first and it’s very easy to install and dropped inrush current amps from 86 to 22 amps !!!

  33. Brad B.

    Excellent product for a great price with awesome service. I’m now a loyal customer.

  34. Richard C. (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the product. Was a little disappointed because website shows when you sign up your email you get a coupon 5% off. I tried putting the code in and it wouldn’t work. So I called their main number to place the order and see if I could get my discount, rude lady on the phone told me no we can’t honor it blah blah…it probably has expired she said. I then asked to speak to one of her managers and she said no they can’t do nothing about it…I don’t think you should advertise something and then don’t honor it.

  35. Harold W. (verified owner)

    I have installed 6 of the ICM870-16A units on my yacht with Webasto heat pump AC units of 12000 BTU. All are 230VAC units and each one worked well initially after installation of these soft-starters. I measured inrush current before/after on each unit and the improvement was as advertised. Now, 3 months later and 3 of the 6 units have failed in the same manner (50% failure rate so far). I took one apart (they are sealed enclosures) and the start capacitor had ballooned and spewed its electrolyte in the housing. The outer case had swelled on all failed units and I am confident the same capacitor issue is present on them. It appears that ICM’s capacitor supplier gave them bad parts, or there is a design issue. I suspect they will all fail soon. I would buy replacement capacitors for all of them if I could get the case open without a saw 🙁

  36. Daniel (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and product was as described.

  37. Robert Harris (verified owner)

    Still don’t have the unit USPS is very unreliable and thir tracking program is a joke, I will update my review after I get my product.

  38. Mervyn (verified owner)

    Great Price, Great Service & Great Product, what else needs to be said.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thanks. Great Service!

  40. Gregg Goebel (verified owner)

    Inventory and website problems at Jackson made order difficult but once ordered , transaction and shipping was great

  41. Adrian M. (verified owner)

    Order was shipped fast and product as advertised. Will update when installed.

  42. DAVID C. (verified owner)


  43. James (verified owner)

  44. Michael Z.

    Best price, easy to use web site, free shipping, quick delivery, and the installation help video was informative. -What else do you need?

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Installed in a old RUUD 2.5ton AC and has worked well so far. No complaints. Needed cross-correlate the wiring diagram in the install manual and RUUD unit circuit diagram to ensure the wiring was correct. Other than that, the installation was straight forward.

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