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Johnson Controls FCP-PA-701-N Programmable Fan Coil Thermostat

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Programmable Fan Coil Series Thermostat


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The FCP Non-Programmable and FCP 7-Day Programmable Fan Coil Unit (FCU) or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner Unit (PTAC) Thermostats provide simpleto-use control of 2-pipe or 4-pipe FCU or PTAC. These thermostats provide on/off control, up to three speeds of fan control, and dry contact unoccupied or occupied control. Use the thermostats as stand-alone devices in commercial buildings, such as schools, offices, and hotels, and to provide access to parameters such as system mode, fan mode, and temperature setpoints.

The FCP Thermostats feature a quick setup menu, are prewired for fast installation, and are Johnson Controls 10k ohm negative temperature coefficient (NTC) Type II and Type III remote sensor ready (order separately). You can equip the FCP Thermostats with a remote temperature sensor, remote pipe sensor, and a remote wired occupancy sensor to enable flexible options. Flexible options include 2-pipe FCU heat/cool switchover or pipe sensor for automatic switching. The large display with adjustable backlight makes it easy to optimize user preferences. In addition, both FCP Thermostat models include min and max temperature protection, key pad lockout, occupied and unoccupied modes.


  • Compatible with 2-pipe and 4-pipe FCU with up to a 3- speed fan, conventional PTAC, and heat pump PTAC with or without auxiliary heat
  • Pre-installed lead wires for fast installation
  • Pre-set installer and user configurations—Configure your thermostat easily with 20 pre-set installations
  • Configurable normally open (NO)/normally closed (NC) contact to set the occupied or unoccupied mode
  • Onboard and remote temperature sensor available
  • White LED backlight—Adjustable brightness for easy operation in the dark
  • FCP-PA-701 features up to six programmable periods per day
  • FCP-PA-701 features battery backup—RTC backup with a minimum backup time of 48 hours
  • Temperature in F or C


  • The FCP Thermostat is compatible with most 24 VAC FCU or PTAC applications.
  • 2-Pipe with up to a 3-speed fan
  • 4-Pipe with up to a 3-speed fan
  • Conventional PTAC
  • Heat pump PTAC with or without auxiliary heat

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