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Kidde 60WLDR-W Water Leak & Freeze Detector



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Water Leak & Freeze Detector


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The Kidde Smart Water Leak Detector & Freeze Sensor, WiFi, Alexa Compatible Device, Battery Operated with App Alerts, 60WLDR-W, provides early detection of water leaks and freezing temperatures that may lead to damage in your home. It’s easy to place the small water leak detector under sinks, in laundry rooms, next to kitchen appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators, in garages, basements, or behind water heaters — anywhere at risk for leaks or freezes. When the water alarm detects water or a significant drop in temperature, it emits a series of 85-decibel alarms and sends a mobile alert to your phone. Setup is easy: simply download the Kidde app, install the 2-AA batteries provided, and scan the QR code on the Kidde smart water leak device. The Kidde water detector is equipped with Kidde HomeSafe™, which connects the device to the Kidde app for additional smart features like notifying friends & family when a leak or temperature drop is detected so they can assist if they’re closer to your house. You can also use voice commands to check the connection & water leak status by pairing it with your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and select iPhone & Android smart devices.
  • Water sensor provides early detection of water leaks or freezing conditions, so you can take steps to avoid damage
  • Detects freezing conditions when temperature reach 37 degrees Fahrenheit or when there is a rapid temperature drop
  • Battery powered: 2 AA batteries are included for simple operation & replacement
  • Sleek & small design allows for placement next to dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, toilets, or under sinks – ideal for use in basements or garages
  • WiFi-enabled technology allows notifications to be sent to your smartphone (as well as friends & family) in the event of a water leak or freeze hazard in your home
  • Easy setup & installation: download the Kidde app, scan the QR code on the device, & follow the step-by-step instructions
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, iPhone, & Android smart devices


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