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Klein Tools 1019 Wire Stripper, Crimper, and Cutter Multi-Tool

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Kurve Wire Crimper/Stripper Multi-Tool


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With Klein Tools' Wire Stripper / Crimper / Cutter Multi Tool, you can strip, cut, twist, shear and crimp with one tool. Features four dedicated crimpers for B connectors, insulated and non-insulated terminals plus Scotchlok® IDC connectors. This versatile tool twists, loops and strips 10-26 AWG solid and 12-28 AWG stranded wires and cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws. The reinforced head reduces flex keeping stripping holes sharp. The design is optimized for ideal leverage when stripping and crimping.

  • Wire Stripper strips 10-26 AWG solid and 12-28 AWG stranded wire
  • Multi Tool crimps 10-22 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals
  • Crimps B connectors and Scotchlok® IDC connectors
  • Reinforced head reduces flex
  • Made in USA
  • Cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws
  • Precision shear-type cutting blades for easier cutting
  • Loops and twists wire
  • Double dipped Klein Kurve® comfort grips
  • Scotchlok® is a registered trademark of 3M
  • Patent US D827,403
  • Type: Multi Tool
  • Application: Wire Stripping, Cutting and Crimping
  • Special Features: 4 Crimpers in One Tool
  • Material: Steel
  • Strips and Cuts: 10-26 AWG Solid, 12-28 AWG Stranded
  • Screw Shearing: 6-32, 8-32
  • Crimping Capacity: 10-22 AWG Insulated and Non-insulated Terminals; B-Connectors; Scotchlok® IDC Connectors
  • Overall Length: 7.75'' (19.7 cm)
  • Handle Color: Gray/Red
  • Handle Finish: Double Dipped
  • Weight: 5.4 oz (154 g)



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