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MARS 10861 5.5″ Azure Digi-Motor, 1/2-1 HP, 115-230V

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5.5″ Azure Digi-Motor, 1/2-1 HP, 115-230V


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Azure ECM from MARS is a high efficiency variable speed direct drive blower motor for a multitude of applications.  Azure is a replacement for both standard PSC and Constant Torque motors. These motors cover ratings from 1/5 HP to 1 HP at 115V or 230V and CW or CCW.

Azure features an auto sizing learn mode. In start-up learn mode, Azure runs for approximately 2 minutes measuring the external static pressure of the system application. Azure then assigns torque values to each of its speed taps self-programming itself to the correct horsepower for the application.

  • Outboard replaceable surge protector
  • Adjustable speeds (with optional MARS No. 08502)
  • 4 speeds plus 625 RPM constant fan mode
  • High efficiency 85%
  • Multi-horsepower, dual voltage
  • Belly band mount


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