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MARS 10874 Azure Digi-Motor, 1/8-1/3 HP, 28-230V

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Azure Digi-Motor, 1/8-1/3 HP, 28-230V

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The Mars 10860 is a 5.5 inch Azure Digi-motor utilizing 1/5-1/2HP and is a high efficiency variable speed direct drive blower motor for a multitude of applications. Azure is a replacement for both standard PSC and Genteq X13 motors. These motors cover ratings from 1/5 HP to 1 HP at 115V or 230V and CW or CCW. Azure features an auto sizing learn mode. In start-up learn mode, Azure® runs for approximately 2 minutes measuring the external static pressure of the system application. Azure® then assigns torque values to each of its speed taps selfprogramming itself to the correct horsepower for the application.

If none of the four speeds provides perfect airflow for the application or if duplicate speeds are desired on 2 or more taps, an optional hand held programmer (MARS No. 08502) can be used. The programmer connects to Azure® and displays the percentage of torque applied to the speed tap being energized. The percentage (motor speed) can then be increased or decreased and permanently set with the programmer. This tool overrides the motor torques established in the auto sizing mode. Unlike other electronically commutated motors, an outboard surge protector is included within Azure’s® wire harness. This is a replaceable device (MARS No. 08593).

  • Outboard replaceable surge protector
  • Adjustable speeds (with optional MARS No. 08502)
  • 4 speeds plus 625 RPM constant fan mode
  • High efficiency 85%
  • Multi-horsepower, dual voltage
  • Belly band mount
  • Class “B” insulation
  • Thermal overload protected
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  • UL Recognized


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