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Taco i100T4S-1 1in, 4 Way Setpoint I-Series Mixing Valve (Threaded)

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1″ 4-Way Setpoint I-Series Mixing Valve (Threaded)

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The Taco I100T4S-1 is a 1 inch, 4-way setpoint I-Series Mixing Valve that provides precise and cost-effective temperature control for your heating systems, the flexibility of zone-to-zone control, plus built-in protection against boiler flue gas condensation. Available in 2-way, 3-way or 4-way injection configurations, for either outdoor reset control or fixed water supply temperature applications, and operate off constant power or relay end switch. Features include a ball valve design, High Cv, manual operation button, solid-state microprocessor, multi-status LED indicator light and easy, one-hand actuator removal.

The Taco Setpoint iSeries-S Mixing Valves are used instead of thermostatic mixing valves for precise dial-in supply water temperature control to a heating system. The direct drive microprocessor-based actuator modulates a 2-way, 3-way or 4-way valve to inject different rates of hot water into the cooler system return water. In combination with the optional boiler protection sensor, the iSeries valves provide the unique benefit of optimal temperature control with boiler protection. The setpoint temperature is adjustable from 80ºF to 180ºF using a dial located on top of the actuator. A 15ºF setback of the supply water can be initiated for additional unoccupied or nighttime setback control. An external multi-status LED indicator light, plug-in wiring connections and an easy to remove actuator makes installation and diagnostics a snap.


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