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Ultravation PTXGI-1224 UVPhotoMAX GI PCO/UV/Ionization Whole-Home Air Purifier

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Ultravation PTXGI-1224 UVPhotoMAX GI PCO/UV/Ionization Whole-Home Air Purifier

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The UVPhotoMAX GI air purification system for HVAC eradicates germs, allergens, odors and VOC/chemical pollution, using multiple technologies. The germicidal UV light inactivates bacteria, viruses and allergens and powers the photocatalytic oxidation that breaks down a wide range of indoor air contamination. The 4XNP ion/plasma generator freshens the air and enhances air sterilization while enabling the capture of micro- and nano-particulates in filtration. The innovative and patented titanium dioxide based photocatalytic formulation is enhanced with silver and zinc ions that inhibit bio-growth on surfaces.

  • Industry leading 200 sq. in. layered photocatalytic (PCO) surface area
  • Highly UV-reflective layered aluminum creates intense internal air disinfection zone
  • Electronic monitoring with LEDs for status and re-lamp reminder
  • Patented adjustable Photon Clarifier™ regulates PCO level without affecting germicidal UV intensity
  • High intensity germicidal 10″ UV lamp
  • The PCO coating breaks down odors, VOCs and airborne chemicals using an exclusive, patented titanium dioxide + silver/zinc ion PCO formulation. Silver and zinc ions deactivate pathogens in the air and on household surfaces.
  • The 4XNP Ion/Plasma Generator releases friendly ions that travel into living spaces to freshen and disinfect the air. The ions also electrically charge the microscopic fine particulates suspended in the air causing them to attract and gather into filterable groups.


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