UEi Multimeters: The Importance of a Quality Meter


UEi Multimeters: The Importance of a Quality Meter

Written by: Jackson Systems


HVAC contractors know that a digital amp multimeter can be very important while out in the field.

Technology for meters has come a long way in the last 20 years. Modern multimeters are an example of just that, meters with multiple applications for day-to-day issues you’ll run into in the field.

Today we’re going to dissect UEi’s extensive line of multimeters and talk through the pros and cons of each while explaining some of the more unique applications available.

Specifically, we’ll focus on the UEi DL 379B, UEi DL 389B, UEi DL429B, UEi DL479, and the UEi DM393. These are all wonderful test instruments but sometimes it can be hard to tell which one is the right fit for the job. So, let’s dive into these 5 multimeters and give each the love they deserve!


UEi DL 379B HVAC Clamp Meter

This is one of the most popular and trusted meters for contractors nationwide. It comes with test leads, alligator clips, and the very sought-after dual display for viewing amperage and settings at the same time. It also includes a very handy lead holder attachment on the clamp making it easy to test multiple areas with your read lead. The functions on this meter are fit for any general HVAC contractor, appliance/handyman, technician, or electrician.

  • Temperature settings on switch
  • Magnet on back
  • Built in light
  • Backlit Screen
  • Detachable head for narrow amp hooks
  • 2 non-contact voltage detector lights
  • High and low voltage detection
  • Auto power off setting
  • No True RMS setting
  • Non-contact voltage detection max at 600V AC
  • AAA batteries required

UEi DL 389B Dual Display HVAC Clamp Meter

The UEi DL 389B is very similar to the UEi DL 379B across the board. The major differences have to do with the addition of True RMS technology . The UEi DL 379B widely works for most linear electrical load situations but the DL 389B allows the user to read nonlinear modulations. It accurately measures imperfect, non-sinusoidal waves. This is useful for advanced HVAC technicians looking to troubleshoot or test newer HVAC units or computerized control boards.

  • Accurate modulation readings with True RMS Multimeter technology
  • Live wire quick check
  • Diode test for malfunctions or unbroken paths
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius settings
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Higher Voltage limit compared to the UEi Dl 379B
  • A little pricey compared to other multimeters in the category
  • Not friendly for homeowner usage. Mainly utilized by professionals

UEi DL 429B True RMS Advanced HVAC Clamp-On with Wireless Differential Temperature

The biggest buying factor for the 400 series UEi clamp meter is a new Bluetooth feature. The UEi DL 429B allows users to connect their multimeter to their phones for readings without looking directly at the digital multimeter display. This comes in handy when your meter must reach tight, dark spaces out of the operator’s line of sight. It comes with a free app download that connects easily to the meter. This is a great option for anyone working on mini splits regularly.

  • Two temperature probes
  • Bluetooth micro gauge compatible with phones
  • Goes up to 600 volts CAT 3
  • Temperature differential settings
  • Wide range of applicable fieldpiece head attachments
  • Buttons instead of wheel for setting change (wheel preference is normally more popular with most contractors)
  • Screen size could be slightly bigger

UEi DL 479 AC 600A True RMS HVAC Clamp-On

The UEi DL 479 meter is a great, affordable option for beginner technicians in the HVAC world. As far as True RMS ready multimeters, this is one of the less expensive models available from UEi. One thing that sets it apart is the 1000V CAT 3 and 600V CAT 4 options. That’s a perfect range for anyone doing light commercial or residential work. There’s also a handy flashlight on the top of the device that runs when using the backlit display.

  • Backlit display screen
  • Optional manual ranging mode
  • Sleek new design with large rubber side grips
  • True RMS software built in
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Data holding options available
  • Not recommended for large scale commercial work

UEi DM 393 True RMS Multimeter with Temp and Capacitance

This meter stands out from the rest of the clamp meters because of its incredible accuracy in high reading scenarios. This is another CAT 3 1000V meter with a built in temperature reader and True RMS software. Coming in at a slightly lower price point due to the simplistic design, this multimeter still features an impressive amount of reading capabilities, including capacitance measurements from 40.00nF to 100µF. Any techs looking for a simple option that prioritizes accuracy on high voltage tests, this is the device for you.

  • 1000V AC Range
  • 1000V DC Range
  • True RMS Software
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Easy access to battery and fuses without breaking calibration seals
  • No HVAC Clamp-on meter
  • Smaller 4 digit display

There you have it! We’ve dissected 5 fantastic UEi multimeters, all available here at Jackson Systems. This is a great range of products for all levels of the HVAC/Refrigeration industry. Not all meter’s are made the same and it’s important to inform yourself before making a long-term purchase like a multimeter. These are tools that are built to last for years to come. Make the right choice before your next upgrade. Let us know if you have any questions about any of the products listed in this breakdown. Hopefully this helped you make the right purchase for the job. As always, thank you for reading.


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