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The Power of Surge Protection: 5 Reasons HVAC Contractors Should Offer it to Customers

In today’s world, homeowners are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting their HVAC equipment from power surges. These surges can cause expensive damage to HVAC systems, leading to downtime, repairs, and replacements. It is no surprise that many homeowners are looking for HVAC contractors who offer surge protection as part of their services. Below, we’ll explore five reasons why HVAC contractors should consider offering surge protection to their customers.

Extending Equipment Lifespan:

Voltage fluctuations, excess energy spikes, and electrical surges can lead to system failure. Power fluctuations produced by inductive load switching in HVAC systems can shorten the system’s overall lifespan, requiring premature replacement. Even if the damage can be repaired, the cost of repairs and downtime can be costly.

Additionally, surge protection should come to mind when working with an Inverter-driven AC system. These systems require very stable input power and may have a manufacturer warranty. This warranty puts the responsibility on the owner to protect the equipment from power changes.

By installing surge protection hardware on your HVAC unit, it helps prevent these types of electrical events from occurring, thus reducing the overall wear and tear on the system and extending its lifespan.

Electrical Surges by the Numbers:

Increase Equipment Efficiency:

Protecting your HVAC system from power surges and spikes, surge protection hardware helps ensure that the equipment operates consistently and at its optimal level. Without surge protection, power disruptions can cause the system to turn on and off frequently, which can lead to increased wear and tear on the components and reduce the overall efficiency of the equipment. This can result in higher energy bills and reduced performance over time.

Overall, by providing reliable protection against power disruptions and ensuring consistent and efficient operation of the HVAC system, surge protection hardware can help homeowners save money on energy bills and maintenance costs and extend the life of their HVAC equipment.

The National Electrical Manufacturer Association, NEMA, estimates that up to 80% of surges are create from within a facility, such as when HVAC equipment is turned on and off or during a grid switch.

Power surges might not always lead to total failure, however any spike in voltage can cause an arc of electrical current resulting in heat that damages electrical components in your equipment.

Surge protection is more than just power strips. While nothing can handle a direct lightning strike: point-of-use and service entrance surge protection devices are more equipped to handle larger surges.

Peace of Mind for your Homeowners:

As a homeowner, the thought of losing your HVAC system due to power surges or electrical fluctuations can be stressful and costly. HVAC systems are a significant financial investment, and repairs or replacement due to electrical damage can be expensive and disruptive. Also, HVAC systems are essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy home environment, so any downtime or loss of function can be frustrating and inconvenient.

Be the peace of mind your homeowners are looking for by installing surge protection hardware on their HVAC system. Moreover, by being the surge protection solution for your homeowners, they are investing in a long-term partnership with you.

Build Trust and Boost Your Brand Reputation:

As a business owner, it can be tempting to focus on short-term sales and billable repairs when working with clients. However, this approach can damage your business’s long-term reputation and customer loyalty. Unreliable and vulnerable HVAC systems are a direct threat to your company’s brand, and when power surges lead to equipment failure or damage, customers are quick to blame the installer.

Negative feedback can spread quickly through word-of-mouth and online reviews, leading to lost business and a damaged reputation.

To avoid these risks, HVAC contractors should offer more than just basic installations and repairs. By providing voltage monitoring and surge protection solutions, contractors can position themselves as trusted partners who prioritize customer satisfaction and system reliability. Offering these solutions protects both the customer’s equipment and the contractor’s reputation, leading to strong brand loyalty and increased business over time.

Preventing system failures and the need for costly repairs or replacement, surge protection hardware can help reduce downtime and builds trust with your homeowners as you have demonstrated to have their best interest in mind.

Boost your Book of Business:

While it’s true that installing surge protection solutions is primarily designed to protect HVAC equipment from electrical damage and breakdown, it can also be a powerful marketing tool for contractors looking to boost their sales.

Offering surge protectors or surge suppressors as part of your services shows your customers that you are a comprehensive HVAC contractor who cares about the long-term reliability and functionality of their systems. This can help build trust and credibility with your customers and position you as a trusted partner for all their HVAC needs. By providing a complete solution that addresses the issue of electrical damage caused by voltage fluctuations and surges, you differentiate yourself from competitors who may only offer basic HVAC services.

Surge protection solutions can be marketed as an added value to customers. By highlighting the potential cost savings and system longevity benefits that come with installing surge protection hardware, you can effectively upsell your services to customers who may not have considered this solution before. Additionally, offering surge protection solutions can create opportunities for ongoing maintenance and support, which can lead to long-term customer relationships and repeat business.

Offering surge protection as a solution for your customers allows you position your business as one that is at the forefront of the industry. As more and more homeowners and commercial customers become aware of the benefits of surge protection, offering this solution can help you stay ahead of the curve and meet evolving customer needs. Ultimately, offering surge protection solutions can boost your sales and help you grow your business by positioning you as a comprehensive, forward-thinking HVAC contractor who cares about the long-term reliability and functionality of your customers’ systems.

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