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DiversiTech MP-DE EVA Anti-Vibration Pads

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EVA Anti-Vibration Pads, withstand 50 psi


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The latest generation in vibration dampening technology. The most effective vibration dampening pad available on the market. The EVA Pad was tested against other pads at four different vibration settings. In the most severe vibration extremes, the EVA Pad outperforms cork and rubber by a margin of greater than 3:1! This is due to the special composite foam center which is much more structurally sound than cork. It is not affected by oils or chemicals that can break down cork and is much more effective at vibration dampening than solid rubber. All this at a very competitive price. Designed to withstand 50 psi.

The EVA Anti-Vibration Pad is designed to eliminate vibrations emanating from motor driven appliances such as compressors used in air-conditioning and refrigeration units. This product consists of a polymeric foam core laminated with two ribbed rubber sheets.

These sheets are laminated in such a way that the ribs are ninety degrees opposed to one-another. This opposition provides a natural resistance to creep or “walking” normally associated with vibrations.

Product Construction/Material Specifications

  • Rubber – Used as the anti-skid surface on the top and bottom of the pad. This rubber is a styrene butadiene rubber with aggressive tensile strength, and elongation characteristics suitable for the application.
  • EVA – Used as the core vibration dampening material. This EVA material is a polymeric foam material. It is constructed of a proprietary blend of ethyl vinyl acetate and other suitable enhancements.
  • Weight – 1.34 oz./in2

Environmental Conditions

  • The EVA anti-vibration pads may be stored in their original fiberboard cartons as supplied by DiversiTech. These cartons may be palletized in unites not to exceed 3 feet in height for pallet stability and weight.
  • The EVA Pad is suitable for storage and operation in a wide range of temperatures from -13°F to 167°F.
  • The EVA pad is highly resistant to water absorption. Additionally, the material is resistant to acid, alkalai, gasoline, oil, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, oxidation and ozone.

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