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Honeywell VC6930ZZ32 VC Floating Actuator, SP3T (tri-state) Floating, 24 VAC

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VC Floating Actuator, 24 VAC

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The VC6800/VC6900 Series Modulating Control Valves provide optimum control of hot and/or chilled water flow in various heating and cooling applications, such as fan coil units, reheat coils and perimeter heating systems.

The VC hydronic valve consists of a valve body and replaceable characterized cartridge assembly. When used with a VC6800/VC6900 series actuator, the valve provides linear flow in either diverting or mixing applications. They are designed to provide sinusoidal valve actuator travel, and therefore operate silently and resist water hammer.

Compatible with 24 Vac, 3-wire signal, the VC series valve actuator is used with either a single pole double throw two-position controller for on-off control, or a floating controller for modulating control. These actuators have conformal coated printed circuit boards for humidity resistance. Through an internal switching mechanism, the actuator takes power only while driving the valve to the commanded position.

  • All actuators are interchangeable and suitable for all valves, 1/2" through 1", providing maximum installation flexibility with minimum stocking requirements.
  • A locking tab secures the actuator to the body of the valve.
  • Multi-directional actuator mount allows for 4 different wiring orientations, thus providing ease of wiring and service.
  • Actuator is constructed of moisture and humidity resistant materials.
  • Long service life because the actuator motor de-energizes when not in motion.
  • Manual opener and position indicator. This "manual opener" position may be used for filling, venting, and draining the system.
  • Bayonet-mount for actuator head. Actuator can be installed after plumbing work has been completed, which makes for more efficient on-site installation.
  • Body dimensions are comparable to existing products (V4043/4044 and V8043/8044), and in most cases can be interchanged.
  • Sweat-fitted valves are supplied with the cartridge loose, to facilitate soldering operations (an installation tool is included).
  • In this balanced valve design, the internal piston moves up and down, across the water flow. The actuator provides sinusoidal piston travel action for "soft" shut-off and open, to eliminate water hammer in most applications.
  • In 2-way valves, flow is bi-directional.
  • In 3-way valves, flow can be mixing or diverting.



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