Best Thermostats on a Budget


Best Thermostats on a Budget

Written by: Jackson Systems


Why Jackson Systems Thermostats?

The world of HVAC controls is vast and always evolving. Luckily here at Jackson, we have you covered in the controls department. Our extensive library of systems and controls covers all aspects of the HVAC industry. Today we’re going to break down some of the best thermostat options we carry across all categories, and just to make it a little more budget-friendly, every pick stays around the 100 dollar threshold.

It’s not always easy stocking large quantities of thermostats that you aren’t confident homeowners and businesses will use. The goal of this article is to make sure there’s no doubt in your mind when picking up thermostats from Jackson Systems. At the end of the day, we strive to get the best devices in the hands of our customers at a reasonable price. Remember you can find all of these products at Jackson Systems, and if you are a contractor we urge you to sign up for our free Trades Elite program to get even lower prices on thermostats and other HVAC products.

Honeywell E1 Pro

As time marches on and thermostats continue to advance with built in wifi, crazy display screens, and settings you’d never imagine on a piece of HVAC equipment, the E1 from Honeywell is an impressive nod to the classics.

The vintage display look of the E1 is reminiscent of the Focus Pro era. This is a budget-friendly and user-friendly stat that has just enough bells and whistles that make it worth stocking on every truck. The best part is the price tag coming in around the 25 dollar range.


Honeywell T1 Pro 1 Heat 1 Cool

Honeywell is no stranger to reliable thermostats, that’s pretty acceptable in the HVAC industry. What stands out about this stat is the extremely low failure rate. While most thermostats average right around 3-5% the T1 Pro has an impressive 1-2% rate.

These affordable thermostats are the definition of reliable. This is a must have product to stock with most contractors.


iO HVAC Controls 3H/2C Universal Titan 

As far as programmable thermostats go, the UT32 Titan serves its function better than most. This thermostat has an extensive list of features that make it a versatile product. From being extremely low cost to having the option of battery-powered or hardwired based on the application, a wide control range, indoor or outdoor sensors, the list goes on and on. All on top of a standard 5-year warranty the UT32 Titan is a perfect stat for almost any job and comes in at a very affordable price point. (Note: This is a contractor-only product. If you are interested in purchasing this product online visit our trades elite application here)


Pro1 IAQ – Universal Light Commercial or Residential Thermostat

Another great option in the programmable field is the Pro1 IAQ model. It features a flexible 7 day or 5/1/1 weekly schedule for control point heating, auto changeover, and the very important cycle rate adjustment settings. Enjoy keypad lockout settings, a universal sub-base, programmable fan settings, the specs go on and on with this product. Now on sale, the Pro1 IAQ is a great buy at an affordable price.


ecobee 3 Lite pro

Okay this is the reason why we couldn’t call this “Best thermostats for under 100 dollars” but its definitely worth adding when picking from the smart thermostat category. What stands out so much about the ecobee 3 is its combination of affordability paired with tons of modern features that are quickly becoming staples in the smart thermostat market.

Out of the box it has Amazon Alexa built in, a 15-20 MB bandwidth per month, monthly energy usage reports sent directly through the device, and of course Wi-Fi connectivity. Paired with the room sensors you can manage hot and cold spots in the house with simple adjustments made on the stat. This is great for any homeowners looking for a modern look without interfering with behind the scenes HVAC hardware throughout the home.


White Rodgers Comfort-Set 70 Vertical

Sometimes the job only calls for heat. In those scenarios, we have you covered with a reliable, transferable construction stat. Lots of construction workers and contractors recognize the vertical look that resembles the T1 right away.

This affordable heat-only stat from White Rodgers is large and easy to read, can be mounted to a junction box or directly on the wall, and battery-powered for quick installation. It also comes with an optional wall plate in cases of retro-fitting. Coming in around the 20 buck range this is a hard product to pass up.


White Rodgers Universal 4H/2C Non-Programmable

Finally wrapping up this list is a very flexible non-programmable stat. It’s not always easy to find a non-programmable thermostat that can handle 4 Heat, 2 Cool settings. White Rodgers has delivered with their universal models.

This is an easy to read, bright backlit stat with user friendly menu set-up. It utilizes terminal block connections and a separate sub base which allows very easy installation. No outdoor temperature sensor required! There’s also an option for keypad lockout for those pesky knob turners.

You can pick up this model for right around 60 bucks on our website. A great professional thermostat worth stocking when you’re looking for a non-programmable option.


These are just a handful of great products you can find on our website. Buying budget-friendly thermostat’s definitely doesn’t require downgrading quality. For more great choices from Jackson Systems check out all our major brands and categories under thermostats. Shop smart and find the best deals on HVAC controls at Jackson Systems today.


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