How Sensors Can Save You Big Money


How Sensors Can Save You Big Money

Written by: Jackson Systems


Let’s face it. The kids aren’t the only ones forgetting to turn the lights off and we don’t always remember to check the thermostat before bed. We’re caught up in the whirlwind of day-to-day life and something as simple as a light switch or heat setting isn’t always in the front of our mind. For those that have been hesitant to jump on smart thermostats and lighting automation, there’s some pretty significant evidence that it’s worth the time and money to install. Today we’ll break down how these sensors work, why they are energy-efficient, and most importantly how much money you can save monthly by making the switch.


Today we are talking about home automation devices that make your life easier. Specifically discussing indoor room sensors for lighting, room detection sensors for your heating and cooling. Combining these devices, you allow hands-free, motion-detected room adjustments. An example would be turning on a lamp or a whole room of lights when you walk in or heating up a room where everyone is gathering. The part most people aren’t considering is the ability to automate what happens when you leave the room. That where the money-saving starts!


HVAC Sensors


According to the EPA, the average home consumes around 877 kWh per month. The glaring majority of that comes from AC and Heating. It’s estimated to take up 46% of your total energy usage. With that in mind, doing everything you can to cut back on this cost will show huge results long term.


Let’s start with the options available for heating and cooling your home. The easiest direction to take is investing in a smart thermostat like ecobee or Nest and pairing their respective sensors. Technology has advanced to allow efficiency to take a bigger role in heating and cooling. Let’s look at some of the capabilities of the ecobee smart sensor as an example.

  • Set unique comfort settings to allow temperature adjustment based on the room occupancy
  • Capture detailed temperature readings of the room occupied by the sensor
  • Detects occupancy data through infrared technology to send to the thermostat
  • “Pet Immunity” feature that avoids reading pets as occupants of the room

These features mount up to a new level of management and energy efficiency when paired with their respective smart thermostat. Though these savings may vary based on family size, household, and overall energy usage, the average energy savings can reach as much as 23% of your energy bill. The key to these price distinctions is when and how long you decide to run your heat or AC.


Along with changing your heat and cooling settings based on the occupancy of a room, you can collect massive amounts of temperature data. Keeping track of room averages is a great way to stay on top of your energy habits.


Light Sensors


Curbing electricity usage with light sensors can be a very simple and effective way to impact your electricity bill. What most don’t consider is the convenience that comes with these products. Motion-Sensor lights or occupancy sensors work by detecting motion in a room and triggering the lights to turn on or off based on the amount of motion. Similar to HVAC sensors, these allow for more freedom and efficiency.


Occupancy sensors are widely accepted within the commercial industry for the massive saving potential but most residential homes could also see large savings. They are ideal for homes with spaces like walk-in closets, extra bedrooms, playrooms, dens, etc. These are common areas for lighting to go unchecked, making it easier to forget when they are on.


Studies have found that homeowners can save up to 50% on their lighting energy costs by making the switch to occupancy sensors. These one-time installations can make a lifetime of difference and take the stress off homeowners trying to track down whoever left the lights on.


For the more advanced contractors looking to expand into commercial applications, we have a great line of products to handle the full spectrum of building automation. Anything from lighting, air handling, security purposes, even leak detection can be found at Jackson Systems.


Taking control of your energy usage doesn’t have to be a headache. Make the switch to a smart thermostat or light sensor to see your savings grow monthly and annually. Browse our selection of products or call in today if you have any questions.



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