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Resideo & Honeywell: What’s the Difference?

Over the last few years, you might have noticed former Honeywell Home products being presented as Resideo variants or completely replaced with Resideo. For those less familiar with the HVAC industry, this can be a confusing distinction. These labeling practices have puzzled a lot of consumers, luckily, we’re here to clear the air and explain how similar these two can be.

The bottom line is some of the Honeywell Home products you’ve known in the last decade are now part of the Resideo name. Ultimately this means very little in terms of any product differences outside of the brand name on the part. All products now carried by Resideo have the same functionality that they had under the Honeywell Home name, the same compatibility, and the overall same performance buyers have grown to trust.

Resideo & Honeywell for Residential and Commercial Use

Resideo and Honeywell Home have joined as a company but have split their catalog into two sections. Resideo is acquiring the commercial line of Honeywell Home products and the majority of the residential product line is staying under the well-known “Honeywell Home” name. The split was a decision based on how the “Home” in Honeywell Home was perceived by a wider market of commercial industry buyers. 

The changes, simply put, are nothing more than brand guidelines being applied to commercial vs residential markets. Just keep in mind, if you purchase a product with “Resideo” in the name it’s still manufactured and distributed by Honeywell, just like anything you’ve bought under the Honeywell Home name in the past.

The differentiation between the two brands does not mean Resideo products can only be used in commercial markets, this is just how Resideo has decided to market its catalog to the public. The same goes for Honeywell Home. They are not exclusive to residential markets and have their place in the commercial industry as well. The long-term licensing agreement was decidedly a chance for the company to offer alternative labeling for Honeywell Home products that seemed “out of place” in commercial warehouses and buildings.

Why Resideo?

The name “Resideo” was chosen to invoke a similar feeling of comfort and control that Honeywell Home products have been known to provide over the years. “Resideo” is a Latin verb that means “to sit back, remain sitting anywhere, to rest, linger, abide, or reside”. It’s a combination of the words’ residence and presidio which means “your fortress”. According to Honeywell’s press release, “Resideo is a leading global provider of critical comfort and security solutions primarily in residential environments, with a presence in over 150 million homes around the world…Resideo has a growing portfolio of end-to-end, connected home solutions backed by decades of experience in the home comfort and security industries, best-in-class technologies, and an experienced management team focused on innovation and speed to the market.”

Hopefully, this has cleared up any confusion you might have in regard to the Resideo name. All of this to say, don’t hesitate to pick up any Resideo products if you’re used to trusting the Honeywell Home name. They offer the same customer satisfaction you’ve grown to love, with nothing more than a different name on the box. Shop our wide selection of Honeywell Home and Resideo products right here at Jackson Systems & Supply.

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