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Nu-Calgon 4219-12 Foam-Tite Insulation Foam Tape (30 Foot Roll)

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Nu-Calgon 4219-12 Foam-Tite Insulation Foam Tape (30 Foot Roll)

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Foam-Tite insulation Tape provides the service technician with a quality yet economical solution to one of the most common HVACR application problems: sweating or condensation on air conditioning, refrigeration, chilled water or other cold lines. Because of its excellent insulation properties, it can also be used on hot water lines for insulation against heat loss.

Keeps cold lines cold and hot lines hot. It can be overlapped, or the edges can be butted. The amount of tape that will be required and the style of wrap (over-lapped, butted or both) will depend upon relative humidity, ambient temperature, and the temperature of the pipe to be covered. Service temperatures can be as low as -15ºF with a high continuous temperature of 160ºF.

  • Closed cell construction foam tape
  • Stops sweating and condensation on refrigeration or other cold lines
  • Insulates against heat loss
  • Temperature range of -15ºF to 160ºF
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply
  • Use on all sizes of tubing, pipes, tees, valves and fittings



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